How can I know that God is good?

31/07/11 5:31 PM

“Taste and see that the lord is good.  Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8

Jesus  doesn’t just wat to help us with our lives by giving us some great guidelines or prescriptions for living.  He also wants us to experience life in him.

Tip: Know and call him by his name.

Three names or phrases that I’ve found helpful are the Lord is my Banner, the Lord is my Provider, and I AM that I AM.

Calling on the name of God is the same as seeking his presence.

Some realities to remember when it comes to experiencing Jesus:

  • Jesus is pursuing a real, loving relationship with you
  • Jesus is always working in and around you
  • Jesus invites us to join him in God’s work
  • Jesus’ invitation to a lifestyle of faith work requires major changes in our lives
  • A lifestyle of faith or doing God’s work requires major changes in our lives
  • As you experience Jesus more, you’ll know more about him and your relationship with God will blossom

Tip: Stop running and allow yourself to be caught by Jesus

Tip: Pray to see God’s activity everywhere you go and in everyone you meet

Tip: Pray for Jesus to give you an assignment that will have even the smallest impact on introducing others to the kingdom of God

Tip: Figure out what changes will need to be made for you to accept your assignment from Jesus

Tip: Enjoy the ride!

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